Community Building



Community Building and Capacity Building

Connecting people to resources and services through community capacity building

SECR offers communities, organizations, and even individuals, services and expertise that challenges and stimulate growth (capacity building).


Connect- we connect people with services and programs both indirectly and directly. The SECR team provides consulting, administrative, management and services to individuals, nonprofits, groups, government and other entities.




Our mission is to build organizations to their fullest potential. Our capacity building services are customized to the needs of the organization and the client. We will tailor to fit organizations’ goals and plans. We identify opportunities best suited for your organization, and provide a roadmap and coaching to get you there.

3SECR’s community development and capacity building outcome-based services, including programming, advocacy, education, and advising on policy making, restructuring, and asset building.



SECR, supports dynamic initiatives that promote family stability and community improvement.