Training & Technical Assitance


We help agencies do their important work.

We offer capacity building training, workshops, conferences and one-on-one coaching session for clients and leaders.

Training and Technical Assistance

We also provide technical assistance and training services that offer an array of assistance—from email and phone call inquiries, to research and program guidelines, webinars, conference calls, to policy development, conferences, and on-site evaluations. We have provided technical assistance and training for individuals, adults, educators, 1companies, agencies, faith based organizations, large groups, providers, and community stakeholders on subjects like getting grant ready, grantee accountability, performance evaluation, data and outcome planning, best practices, building your constituencies, community partnerships, budgeting, cross cultural services and training, engaging your community, and more.

Sometimes people need help getting to the next level.

Our nonprofit coaching services are provided on a case by case basis. They include mentoring, project support, management, and resources identification.

Reporting and Performance Evaluation5

Our reporting and performance evaluation services are designed to take the fear out of quarterly reports and end of the year assessments.  We help organizations develop outcome oriented processes and procedures that set your organization up for success.  We also assist organizations with identifying evidence based best practices and developing research planning tools and partnerships.

Reporting we help organizations show their successes.


We help organizations find information about best practices, trends, and programs.  Our research services are wide—ranging from statistical data, grant research, asset maps, organizational impact studies, to performance evaluation.   We provide basic research services to all of our clients to provide the most up to date and relevant information to inform their decision making and improve the likelihood of success.


We help organizations plan, assess, develop, vet, and implement strategic plans, grant submissions, business plans, and fundraising plans. Our planning is conducted using an asset-based approach which builds upon the existing leaders, infrastructure, programs, and people to effect the desired change of a more engaged and educated community.