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Helping CoC’s  secure funding allocations and improve system performance.

SECR has over 30 years of experience in homeless and homeless prevention services. Our team includes street outreach, case management, housing coordination, fair housing, public housing, public relations, mental health services, information technology, public policy, adult/basic education, health &human services, home builders, neighborhood revitalization, community development project & business management, community health, faith partnerships, community organizing and affordable housing professionals. We have found success by listening first and working to support the common good. We also strengthen our activities by leading the community engagement efforts that build collective consensus. SECR staff have been working to end homelessness across the southeast and around the country.


PIT Count graphicThese numbers come from Point-in-Time Counts, which are conducted, community by community, on a single night in January every other year. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires Continuum of Care (CoC)  communities to submit this data every other year in order to qualify for federal homeless assistance funds. Many communities conduct counts more regularly.

SECR has developed a Point in Time Count tool that standardizes the data, allowing it to be used to analyze trends and can be used in conjunction with Homeless Management Information Service (HMIS) systems. Our tool improved data collection results, including unduplicated counts, and standardizing methodology results. This tool will be an asset to any community or CoC that has concerns about methodology, definitions, data collection, analysis, and reporting. The tool is also a scan able form that can be customized to 4individual communities, but the universal data elements and values remain consistent. This tool and other community engaging training materials are just some of the skills and talents SECR will bring to CoC communities that are in need of support to address low performance, duplication of service, and limited resources.

For many homeless service providers, CoC administrators, elected officials, and stakeholders it is difficult to find best practices that reflect the circumstances and situations that communities are facing with rising poverty levels.


SECR staff are well-versed in McKinney-Vento funded programs, including the Department of Education (ED) HUD and Health and Human Services (HHS) regulations. HUD CoC’s are annual funding competitions. SECR staff have managed annual local and statewide CoC competitions including working with government agencies, non-profits, faith groups, homeless persons, neighborhoods, school districts, charter schools, volunteers, grantees, and local groups, as well as developing and managing grant submissions. SECR staffers have secured over 40 million dollars in federal funding, with sources including HUD, other federal agencies, and private corporations. SECR also provides technical assistance to communities seeking to develop low-income housing, strategic planning, grantwriting, and other capacity building activities.
In collaboration with other organizations, individuals, non-profits, service providers, faith groups, and higher-ed institutions across the southeast, SECR has worked with communities to improve outcomes related to:

  • Continuum of Care (CoC) Planning
  • CoC Governance
  • Assessments
  • Data/ HMIS Program Performance
  • Project Homeless Connect
  • CoC Community Planning
  • 10 Year Plan Implementation
  • Rapid Rehousing
  • Prevention Services
  • Policy Development

  • Funding Re-allocationHorizontal Logo without website
  • Coordinated Assessment/ Intake
  • Retooling Transitional Housing
  • Point-in-Time Count
  • Affordable Housing & Development
  • Discharge Planning
  • Best Practices
  • Special Populations (chronically homeless, veterans, families, unaccompanied youth, HIV/AIDS, and rural)
  • Systems of Care

SECR provides quality information and performance improvement techniques compliant with HUD, Veterans Affairs (VA), ED, and HHS regulations for our partners and clients.   Contact SECR to schedule free consultation at info@southeastcommunityresources.org or call 919.808.2727.