About Us



SECR is a team of professionals.

We have partners and associates all over the United States and have experience working both domestically and internationally in various fields. Our multi-dimensional team includes executive level clinicians, managers, executives, attorneys, professionals, veterans, women, educators, providers, trainers, curriculum developers, logisticians, event management,  researchers and writers, with over twenty years’ experience in their respective fields. We have associates and consultants that have
experience in federal

275,000  Volunteers Recruited6

government, arts, fortune 500 companies, military, housing, the entertainment industry, accounting, technology, transportation, mental health, education, faith, EEO, law enforcement, health and safety, youth empowerment, nonprofit, immigrant/refugee resettlement, grant writing, disaster planning and recovery. They have served in hospitals, universities, and received national awards and recognition. SECR is a full service nonprofit training and technical assistance organization and capacity building organization that has been providing services since 2001.
Collectively SECR has garnered over 30 years of experience in project & business management, public policy, adult/ basic education, community health, faith partnerships, community organizing and housing.
We are experienced and successful advocates for veterans, emergency managers, trainers, education, public assistance, family, arts, history, ex-offenders, ex-abusers, visionaries, lawyers, health providers, economic developers

$ 7 Million in Federal Grants secured

  • Expertise with dealing multiple barriers, multiple groups
  • Empower US populations, non-profits, communities, poor,
  • Bridge the gap between practitioner and citizen
  • Specializing in cross disciplinary, cultural, community engagement
  • Advocacy
  • Evaluate community
  • Program development experience
  • National, state, local program management
  • Eliminating silos that hinder solutions
  • Holistic community engaging interventions that integrate long-lasting outcomes
  • Eliminate silosOur consulting experts cover topics like the veterans, health, housing, homelessness, education,youth development, arts and culture, community development, human and civil rights, research and public policy, and development.

    $300 Million Grants Dollars Reviewed

    We provide non-profit training and coaching for groups and individuals. We coach all types of organizations in strategic planning, leadership & board development, volunteer management, and grant writing. All non-profits organizations in all stages are welcome from congregations, schools, governments, foundations, etc…

    The SECR team provides non-profit training and technical assistance (coaching) for groups and individuals to assist them advancing to the next level. We offer one on one grant and proposal writing, program design, leadership development, volunteer recruitment, fundraising, strategic planning, etc… Our team has over 25 years of professional experience in the non-profit industry working in all-types of non-governmental organizations in financial, administrative, project management, and leadership roles.


    SECR was founded by L. Foster in 1999. NPC has successfully secured over 7 million dollars in direct grant funding. Administered federal grants from US Departments of Education, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development and Americorps of over 7 million dollars. The SECR team has also evaluated over 30 million dollars in federal grant applications for US Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, Americorps, Justice, and Housing and Urban Development.